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hahah so I’ve been without wifi for a month because I just moved into my new house and I was too busy/lazy to call comcast until now. that is one reason i haven’t been on tumblr in forever. I get internet again on Saturday. honestly I have not minded though, I have read lots of books and done art stuff. I think it’s really sad how many people on here glorify sitting on the computer all day and not having any friends in real life. life is too short already, don’t waste it staring at a screen all day.

my grandpa keeps trying to convince me that the correct term for black people is negro and I’m just like no that’s offensive and he doesn’t get it lol

does anyone else find it odd that on social media people will often put pictures of animals they love/care for side by side with dead/mutilated animals (either in food or hunting pics) and they don’t even think twice about it

my sweet baby pumpkin

oh my god so like at 6am last night I heard someone screaming my full name outside and I was like wtf and fell back asleep and I guess I assumed it was a dream
but my roommate heard it too
I am very concerned lol wtf

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